v3bfill - fill background of 2D or 3D binary images
v3bndpix - trace and fill nodule boundary files
v3ce - 3D curvature estimation
v3connect - 3D connected component analysis
v3d - 3D image visualization tool
v3grad - calculates the 3D gradient of an image sequence
v3mip - 3D image projection and axis transformation
v3pad - perform three-dimensional zero-padding
v3pfilt - 3D surface smoothing
v3pmask - mask a 3D polygon file using a 3D image
v3pol - convert image set to 3-D Polygons
v3prune - Remove short lines from a binary line image
v3ps - compute statistics of a 3D VisionX image file
v3rbody - Three-dimensional Rigid-Body Transformation
v3reg - register two 3-D images by correlation
v3roi - selects a 3D region of interest(ROI)
v3sc - 3D component selection
v3thin - thins a binary 3D image to a skeleton line structure
v3vec - converts a 3D binary line image to 3D vectors
v3view - compute 3d light shaded visualizations of a 3D image
varend - trace and fill boundaries
vbbox - Add or modify the bounding box
vbfilt - Geometric filter function for binary 3D images
vbrand - add or validate image resolution or scale
vbrand - brand a file as having a valid history header
vbview - create visualization images from a (vxa) annotation
vcapt - Add a caption to a single byte file
vcat - concatenate a set of VisionX files
vccode - Convert Truecolor image to color map format
vccvt - Format conversion for color map images
vcdith - Ordered Dither Algorithm for R, G, B images
vchan - manipulate multi-channel images
vcidx - Add color index values to 3D vectors
vclip - clip a region of a VisionX file
vclipx [vclip] - clip a region of a VisionX file
vcmap - Add a color map to a byte image
vcmerge - Merge images into a color mapped image
vcmix - annotate (gray) images with an image
vcmod - modify a color region image with image intensities
vconnect - compute connected segment descriptors
vconv - Convolve an image with a small matrix
vcp - make a copy of a VisionX file
vdcmb - blind VisionX DICOM files by removing confidential information
vdcme - edits tags and removes confidential information in VisionX DICOM files
vdcminfo - Report information about DICOM part 10 files (or VX_DICOM objects)
vdcmls - list dicom files in a directory
vdcmtovx - Convert DICOM Part 10 files into VisionX format
vdcr - inverts an VisionX-DICOM image (or the files in a directory) if negative
vderiche - Deriche edge operator
vdim - convert between different multidimensional formats
vdist - distance transform
vdraw - annotate a visionx image
vdtovx - Convert a directory of DICOM images to VisionX images
vdview - VisionX Image Viewer
vec3to2 - convert 3D vectors to 2D vectors
vedelete - remove specified elements from a VisionX file
vedge - generic edge operator
vedgedir - Performs various edge-highlighting operations
vedgex - edge operator cleanup by non-maximum suppression, and thresholding with hysteresis
vedist - euclidean distance transform
vembed [vop] - perform an operation between two images or image sequences
vetext [vtext] - VisionX text display and editor
vexcel - Convert an excel file to VisionX format
vfclip - fast clip a region (frames only) of a VisionX file
vfft - Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
vfig - draws one or multiple plots on the same chart in chosen format
vfindex - Compute frame index information for a multi-frame file
vfix - change the image format of a VisionX image file
vflip - flip or transpose an image about an axis
vformat - (vx) change image format to VisionX format
vgen3d - generate 3D object scenes
vgeng - compute a Gaussian function
vgenim - generate byte test images
vgfilt - Gaussian filter
vgreg - register a sequence of images based on the entire image
vgtovec - Extract VisionX generic types into a vector
vhedit - edit the history information in a file
vhist - compute a histogram of an image
vhisteq - histogram equalization and other functions
vifx - Scale image data and convert to byte or float format
vimag - rescale an image using filtering and interpolation
vindex - Creates the index file for a directory
viscale - Rescales an image (larger) using interpolation
vlctovkc - VTK color file converter
vlmap - manage regions in a label map
vlreg - register an image sequence based on parts of the image
vls - list key information of a VisionX file
vmag - magnifies, changes the size of a VisionX image
vmath - compute a primitive mathematical function of the pixels of a VisionX image
vmean - image mean filter
vmedian - image median filter
vmkinst - Install a VisionX module
vmkman - Generate text and HTML versions of man pages in a module
vmorph - 2D and 3D morphological filter
vop - perform an operation between two images or image sequences
vpix - primitive operations on the pixels of a VisionX image
vplot - make a graphical plot or histogram of a VisionX file
vppr - print an image section of a VisionX image file
vpr - print the contents of a VisionX file
vps - print basic statistics of a VisionX file
vptov - points to vector conversion
vqfile - probe an image file for basic properties
vrawtovx - Convert a raw image to VisionX format
vrcross - Roberts cross edge operator
vrdiff - statistics and visualizations of region differences
vrend - generate an image from polygons
vrender - generate an image from polygons
vrredpt - remove redundants points on a 3D vector
vscale - scale graphical data in a VisionX file
vsf - very general spatiotemporal filter
vsobel - Sobel edge function
vssel - closest seed point component selection
vsurf - 3D/2D surface area/perimeter calculation
vtext - VisionX text display and editor
vtifftovx - convert tiff images to visionx format
vtile - paste an image sequence into a single image
vtrace - trace the boundaries of image segments
vtrack - compute the trajectory of image features in an image set
vtrackd - compute the distance between two points in image sequences
vtrans - apply a homogeneous transformation to vector data
vview - VisionX interactive image manager
vvmin - Minimize 2D Vectors
vvplot - graphical plot utility
vwshed - Watershed Image Segmentation
vxctable - manage color-look-up tables
vxctops - convert VisionX image files to Postscript
vxfile - Append a VisionX file to the end of a VisionX file
vxlplot - graphical plot utility for VisionX excel files
vxplot - graphical plot utility
vxto - change image format from VisionX format
vxtoagif - Create animated gif images
vxtodcm - Convert VisionX DICOM files to DICOM Part 10 files
vxtopnm - convert files from VisionX to pnm format
vxtoraw - write out the raw image data from a file
vxtotiff - generate tiff format for image sequences
vzmag - magnify 3D images or image sequences along the z direction
xvx - X Windows VisionX image display

Triangle Polygon and Vertex Module


v3dtovp - prints transformation (viewing) angles for vertices.
vadjtopol - converts an adjacency file to a polygon file
vadjtover - converts a vertex file to a adjacency file
vcylmap - maps 3D image file to cylindrical model polygon file
vcylmodel - constructs the cylinder polygon file with specified number of
vdmap - maps the distribution of intensities on the way of ray
vlibgen - compute a library sequence of 3D images from a 3D model
vpolcolor - colors polygon file according to the intensity of the image
vpoldiv - takes VisionX file and divides all polygons inside it into n*n
vpolimap - maps model polygon to an object polygon file given a projection
vpolmap - maps object polygon file to model polygon file given a projection
vpoltoadj - converts a polygon file to an adjacency file
vpoltosph - maps object polygons file to a sphere of radius 1
vpoltover - converts a polygon file to a vertex file
vsphtopln - does mapping of the hemisphere to a plane in specified direction
vvertoadj - converts a vertex file to a adjacency file
vvertoang - prints transformation (viewing) angles for given vertices.
vvertopol - converts a vertex file to a polygon file

Lung Image Analysis


v3fft - 3D Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
v3grow - 3D region growing
vadetect - detects attached nodules from a whole lung CT scans.
vairdist - computes the distance from the candidate center to
vairmap - maps image file containing airway to cylindrical model polygon file
vairmatch - matches airway segment across scan pair
vairmea - measures an airway segment
vairseg - a framework for airway segmentation
vamea - segment the aortic or pulmonary artery surface
vancgen - generate attached nodule candidates from a whole lung CT scan.
vapoly - fit polynomial from tracked aorta centerline points
vasize - estimates the center point and the size of attached nodule candidates
vattratio - computes primary, secondary and total attachment ratios
vawlbl - : airway anatomical labeling
vban - nodule blob analysis
vban2d - Perform nodule analysis using manual 2D markings
vban3dm - Perform volumetric analysis using manual 3D boundary files
vbgrow - 3D anisotropic region growing followed by attachment surface
vbrlbl - : airway anatomical labeling
vbronch - identifies bronchial segments
vcarina - carina detection based on airway region
vcfconv - VTK color file converter
vcframe - chest frame of reference transformation vector
vchest - Add, extract, or delete a segmented organ from an organ map
vcompact - computes the compactness measure based on
vconstraint - Extends non-closed boundaries to the edge of the image, with the
vcorr - calculates various template matching metrics.
vcurvatrure - computes curvature measures based on second order
vcylmodel - constructs the cylinder polygon file with specified number of
vdetect - detect and report potential lung nodule locations
vemph - Calculate the Emphysema Index and generate a 2D coronal projection
vfindnod - find the center and size of a nodule in a high-res image
vfitpoly - fits polynomials from a given VX thinned structure
vgan - nodule group analysis
vgroup - a graphical interface to vngrp
vgrowth - a graphical interface to vgan
vgsphere - Spherical model simulator
vhistm - Histogram match two images
vhmea - locate the surface of a cylinder that represents a pulmonary vessel
videtect - detects isolated nodules from a whole lung CT scans.
vincgen - generate isolated nodule candidates from a whole lung CT scan.
visize - estimates the resampled isolated nodule candidate center point.
vlan - Front end for VisionX lung analysis
vlngwind - return a tight bounding box around the input ROI
vloggen - generates blob-like candidates from an image using multiscale
vlogratio - computes the ratio of positive to negative LOG response
vlogtype - classifies nodule candidates into isolated, attached and
vlpart - find cutting planes to separate the two lungs
vlrlung - partition a whole lung mask into two individual masks
vncgen - generate nodule candidates from a whole lung CT scan.
vngrp - Nodule group management utility (1.03)
vnoddisp - Display the results of nodule detection on a 2D coronal projection
vnodule - Nodule Segmentation Tool
vodconv - organ definition converter
vplfit - VisionX program for segmenting the juxtapleural pulmonary nodules
vpsdist - computes the distance from the candidate center
vpsgen - generate suspicious pleural surface voxels from a whole lung CT scan.
vpyramid - Reduce (or magnify) an image by a factor of 2^n
vrmwall - Pleural wall removal in thresholded images
vrvlbl - rib and vertebra anatomical labeling
vsairw - segment the trachea and airways
vsbone - segment bone
vsborder - Sets the pixel at the boundary of the image to zero
vsfit - VisionX script for segmenting the juxtapleural pulmonary nodules
vslung - Automated Lung Segmentation of Pulmonary CT scans
vsribs - segments and labels individual rib bones from a bone image.
vssfilt - sub-solid nodule filter
vstra - Segment the trachea from the output of vslung
vstrach - segment the trachea and airways
vsvert - performs vertebrae segmentation.
vsvmclassify - classify data points using linear SVM classifier
vvert - vertebra segmentation and rib and vertebra anatomical labeling
vvesseldet - discriminates a nodule from a vessel given a 3D structure from
vvrtlbl - performs vertebrae labeling.
vvtseg - performs individual vertebra segmentation.

Vnumeric: commnads that use numerical algorithms


v3regrb - Three-dimensional Rigid-Body Registration
vfilt - filter using FFT and freq spectrum
vfit - fit various models to a vector data set
vfudge - add fudge to a vector
vpspect - compute a power spectrum of a signal

Sphere Tracking Module


vttrack - detect and track a set of templates in an image sequence

Image Warping


v3gengrid - construct 3d regular grid points and tessellation (.pts and .grid files)
v3vgrid - .pts and .grid file visualization
v3warp - 3D piecewise-linear warping
vwarp - geometric transformation with two possible interpolation methods
vwcoefs - calculates the coefficients for an nth order polynomial warp
vwmap - creates polynomial warp map file from coefficients

VisionX Class Demonstration Commands


vhoughc - circle Hough transform
vhoughl - line Hough transform
vpatch - decompose an image into a set of overlapping patches
vquilt - combine a set of images into a single image

New VisionX commands (in development)


v2connect - 2d connected component labeling and selection
v3embed - pad input image by zero padding or image embeding.
v3op - perform logical or/and/xor on two input byte images.
vautil - manage jiview annotation files
vbndcmp - compares two regions and computes statistics and generates
vbnddist - compare a boundary with a binary image for partial ground truth
vbody - operates on a VisionX file containing 3D body scan data and
vbview - create visualization images from a (vdview) bookmark
vciop - operations on SIMBA case,image csv files
vcolorres - scale, apply color indexing and 2 images combine into a single colorindex image
vcrend - create visualizations for chest label maps
vcsvop - operations on csv files
vcsvtohtml - Create a HTML formatted table from a csv file
vcview - 3D visualization for chest maps
vcvis - transition from a first to a second image sequence
vdcmfix - Recompute or correct the image packing for a DICOM study
vdog - Difference of Gaussians filter
vdown - downsamples an image
vdrawsph - draw colored circles/spheres at specified locations in an
vfitmap - maps points to polygon surface
vfmt - change image format to VisionX format
vhclip - clip image in HU or scaled intensity values
vholes - operates on a VisionX file containing body scan data. It can find and
vhwindow - window a DICOM CT image to a byte image
vibbox - Change the bounding box of a VisionX file
vlrevmap - reverse mapping of sampled coordinates
vlsample - samples intensities along given points
vmap - maps points to object surface
vmhdtovx - Convert mhd format images to VisionX
vmholes - locates holes in a polygon mesh
vmpegtovx - convert mpeg video to VX image sequence
vmpix - show multiple boundaries on a single image
vmview - create multiple rendered images for 3d polygons
vnlm - Nonlocal means filter.
vnvedit - update or query entity files
vpclip - clip a region of a VisionX polygon file
vpholes - create patches to fill holes in a polygon mesh
vpixmax - Find the location of the maximum pixel in an image
vppoint - boundary points converter
vpv - pixel visualization for small byte images
vrhist - histogram plot utility using R
vring - takes a VisionX file and creates planar rings along an axis
vsmerge - transition from a first to a second image sequence
vsthick - Change the slice thickness (interval) of a CT image
vstlatovx,vstlavx - Convert from an ASCII stla file to a vx polygon file
vtbbox - return a tight bounding box around a image ROI
vthresh - Automatic threshold using Otsu's algorithm
vtplot - graphical plot utility using R
vvecs - Compute some statistics for a 2-D graph file
vwebbb - install a boundary file into the SIMBA web system
vxftoz - convert from frame to actual z coordinate in boundary files
vxport - change image format from VisionX to an external format
vxroi - output a mask excluding the input ROI on each axial slice.
vxthm - computes thumbnail images
vxtompeg - create videos from VisionX files

Feature Vector Commands


vclasf - distance classification program
vfcstat - Compute classification results from a VisX classifier output file
vfdgen - generate normalized fourier descriptors
vfvcat - Concatenate or append VisionX feature vector format files
vfvpick - Selects features from a VisionX vector format file
vrclasscv - classification with cross validation
vrclasstt - two class classification
vxltovf - Convert an excel file to VisionX feature vector format
vxshtovf - Convert from VisionX shell output to feature vector or CSV formats

VTK utilites to interface VTK to VisionX


vtkrnd - VTK render engine
vvptovtk - data format converter from VX polygon to VTK polygon
vxtovtk - data format converter from VX image to VTK data
vxtovtkv - data format converter from VX 3D images to VTK volume data.

Chest Image Analysis


vapfc \- vcaclabel \- vccsimg \- vpadir \- vpaseed \-
vaapadia - measures pulmonary artery and ascending aorta diameter.
vadia - compute diameters of a triangular mesh model.
vaorta - finds a seed point inside the aortic lumen at carina level
vaproj - Removes aortic and mitral valve calcification.
vaseg - aorta segmentation.
vatrk - tracks the aorta in a ct image
vavec - combines the ascending aorta centerpoints
vbmd - vertebral body closed surface segmentation and BMD measurements
vbmdm - measure bone mineral density (BMD)
vbrden - : compute breast density
vbreast - : segment the whole breast
vbrden - : compute breast density
vbrstdg - : perform measurement of breast density and gynecomastia
vchull - calculates the 3D convex hull
vclav - clavicle segmentation
vclavicle - clavicle segmentation
vctnodata - segments the outside region on a CT scan
vctselect - extract simple intensity features from CT images
vdiaplot - plot the aorta profile.
vdirf - directional mean or median smoothing filter.
vdirmask - coronary region segmentation from label map
vdirseg - coronary region directional filtering
vdstat - masked iamge region standard deviation
vffat - constrains pericardial fat based on heart region.
vhbase - projects the heart region down below diaphragm.
vhbchk - eliminate heart base over-segmentation
vhcont - constrains the heart region with other organs.
vhcvt - converts a sagittal map to an axial map.
vhfat - segments the pericardial fat region.
vhrtf - removes bony structures from CAC candidates.
vhtop - estimates the endpoints of pulmonary vessel above heart.
vhtrk - models the centerline points of the pulmonary vessel above heart.
vinterp - interpolates from surrounding values into a region of interest.
VLPAR - performs lung partitioning
vlsdev - computes the standard deviation in local labeled regions of an image.
vndetx - select high probability candidate nodules
vnfat - noise aware fat segmentation of a CT image
vofftov3d - converts a text file to V3D format.
vparvox - smooth the edges of a pre-labeled image for skin segmentation
vpbreast - : determine the posterior breast boundary by tracking muslce front
vpixloc - outputs the non-zeros pixel locations of a byte image.
vppv - find ascending aorta and pulmonary artery ending location
vpvhrt - estimates location of the pulmonary vessel above heart.
vrbreast - region growing of pectoral muscles.
vsbreast - rule-based refinement of the pectoral muscles.
vsfas - segments fat, skin, and reconstruction boundary of the body
vskinb - locate the skin and reconstruction boundary of a CT image
vster - locates the sternum from a bone map.
vstern - sternum segmentation
vsternum - clavicle segmentation
vsterrefine - sternum segmentation, refine the sternum segmentation.
vsterseed - sternum segmentation, segment the initial seed cross section.
vstertrack - sternum segmentation, track cross sections vertically.
vstnm - sternum segmentation
vvbreast - estimate the vertical extents of the breast.
vveccom - combines vector files for aorta, combines and breaks into segments.
vvectrku - post-processes the ascending aorta centerpoints.
vvtbd - performs vertebral body segmentation.
vvtbdsf - performs closed surface segmentation of vertebral body
vxlpa - computes the lung profile, and critical locations
vxmedian - comptues pseudo-median 3x3x3 filter to a 3 dimensional image.
vxtrunk - repairs truncated binary images after morphological filtering.
vzcopy - copy the specified axial slice to all slices inferior to it.
vzpstat - computes slice-by-slice image statistics

VisionX Radiology Viewer


vrv - X Windows VisionX Radiology Viewer.
vrview - X Windows VisionX Radiology Viewer Application.

VisionX V4 Programming Tools


VXaddelem - VisionX element manipulation functions
VXbfind [VXfirst] - VisionX element search functions
VXbit3dim [VXmake3dim] - VisionX 3D image access
VXbitimage [VXmakeimage] - VisionX image access
VXclose, [VXopen] - VisionX File access functions
VXcpy [VXinit] - VisionX list manipulation functions
VXdelelem [VXaddelem] - VisionX element manipulation functions
VXdelelem, [VXaddelem] - VisionX element manipulation functions
VXdellist [VXinit] - VisionX list manipulation functions
VXdellist, [VXinit] - VisionX list manipulation functions
VXembed3dim [VXmake3dim] - VisionX 3D image access
VXembedimage [VXmakeimage] - VisionX image access
VXfindin [VXfirst] - VisionX element search functions
VXfind [VXfirst] - VisionX element search functions
VXfirst - VisionX element search functions
VXfloat3dim [VXfloatimage] - VisionX float image conversion
VXfloatimage - VisionX float image conversion
VXframeset - VisionX Frame addition functions
VXfupdate [VXread] - VisionX File manipulation functions
VXgetresinfo - VisionX size and scale function
VXgetrscale, [VXgetresinfo] - VisionX size and scale function
VXidximage [VXmakeimage] - VisionX image access
VXiframeset, [VXframeset] - VisionX Frame addition functions
VXinit - VisionX list manipulation functions
VXlast [VXfirst] - VisionX element search functions
VXlnkelem [VXaddelem] - VisionX element manipulation functions
VXlnklist [VXinit] - VisionX list manipulation functions
VXmake3dim - VisionX 3D image access
VXmakeimage - VisionX image access
VXopen - VisionX File access functions
VXpack - VisionX element packing
VXpchan [VXpzval] - VisionX primitive image functions
VXpchan, [VXpzval] - VisionX primitive image functions
VXpklist [VXpack] - VisionX element packing
VXpzset [VXpzval] - VisionX primitive image functions
VXpzval - VisionX primitive image functions
VXrbufimage - VisionX multiframe image access
VXread - VisionX File manipulation functions
VXreadframe [VXread] - VisionX File manipulation functions
VXreset3dim [VXmake3dim] - VisionX 3D image access
VXresetimage [VXmakeimage] - VisionX image access
VXsbufimage [VXrbufimage] - VisionX multiframe image access
VXsbufimage, [VXrbufimage] - VisionX multiframe image access
VXset3dim [VXmake3dim] - VisionX 3D image access
VXsetimage [VXmakeimage] - VisionX image access
VXufloat3dim [VXfloatimage] - VisionX float image conversion
VXufloatimage [VXfloatimage] - VisionX float image conversion
VXupack [VXpack] - VisionX element packing
VXupklist [VXpack] - VisionX element packing
VXwriteframe [VXread] - VisionX File manipulation functions
VXwrite [VXread] - VisionX File manipulation functions

VisionX V4 Formats and Names

types - VisionX Element Types

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