VisionX V4

vtplot − graphical plot utility using R


vtplot [if=<inputfile>] [of=<outputfile>] [dN=] [s=] [f=] [ct=] [xl=] [yl=] [xmin=] [ymin=] [xmax=] [ymax=] [cl=] [lw=] [lp=] [-c] [-bw] [-b] [-pt] [-logx] [-logy] [-l] [-r] [-v] [-d]


Vtplot is a utility for making graphical plot files. In general it is used by vplot when the -rpng option is specified. It uses the R statistics package. It is desigend to use the composite gnu file format used by vplot and vfig. The intiial version has limited capabilites.


Initial verions both one-line and multiple-line plots are supported. However certain customized options only work for one-line plots.



The input file is a composit gnuplot file that is used by gnuplot and other plotting utilities. Alterntively a text file with multiple columns may be accepted. If if= has one column, it is used as the Y-axis values. If if= has more than one column, the first two columns are used as the X-Y axis values.


The output file is in color png format


Additional data for multiple-line plots. dN= is the column number in the input file if=. When dN= is specified, the first two columns of if= are used as X-Y axis values for the first line. Then the additional lines are added using the same format (line type, width) with different colors. (d1=green, d2=blue, d3=black, d4=purple). Note that boxwhisker plot (-bw), logarithmic x or y (-logx, -logy) only work for one-line plot.


The size option as specifies the size in pixels of the resulting file. Default s is x=400 and y=300.

f=<font size>

Text font size including title, axis labels and values. Default is 1.5. Legend font size is set to be f-0.5.


X-axis label


Y-axis label


Plot title


X-axis minimum (default computed from data)


Y-axis minimum (default computed from data)


X-axis maximum (default computed from data)


Y-axis maximum (default computed from data)


plot color (default red), in multiple-line plots cl=<> only controls the first line color


line width (default 1)


legend position (lp=1,2,3,4, default 1=TopLeft, 2=TR, 3=BL, 4=BR)


Input is a csv file (default is table file)


Box-whisker plots (default line plots). It does not work for dN=.


Barplot (default lines). It does not work for dN= or -logx/-logy.


Plot with points (default lines)


X-axis logarithmic. It does not work for dN=.


Y-axis logarithmic. It does not work for dN=.


Legend. Legend color uses the same color as each line. Legend text uses the header name of each column data being plotted.


ROC plot. if= contains two columns, the 1st is binary class labels and the 2nd is predicted values. Output is the corresponding ROC plot.


verbose flag


Debug flag, more information and tmp files are saved in the current directory


A. P. Reeves, Y. Xie