This is the main documentation resource for VisionX V4. The Sorted Index provides a documentation of all v4 commands and support functions. The Subject Index provides additional information of the v4 commands. Tutorials provide information on the use of some of the key commands.

VisionX V4 has programming support for C, bash, tcl and python. The Programming section of the documentation has two components: Basic which provides a simplified interface that should be adequate for first time users and for course work, and System provides additional information to programmers planning to extend the system software.

The tables below provide access to selected items of general interest.

General Information  
Tutorials web
Filename extensions used in VisionX web
VisionX Element Types (and internal file tags) web
VisionX standard color tables web
Beginner Programmer Tutorials and Program Templates web
Programmers Guide (Python) web
Programmers Guide (c) web
Programmer Library Functions web

General Commands  
Image Filter Commands web
Segmentation and Feature Extraction web
Image format conversion (import and export) web
Image selection and construction web
Interactive VisionX file inspection and review web
Color and Multispectral Images web
Medical (DICOM) Image file Commands web
Image Generation Commands web
Vector and Graphics Commands web
Feature Classification (In Development) web
Interactive Image display and annotation web
Results Presentation and graphics web

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