VisionX V4 Element Types

Each VisX type is identified by a unique numeric code and is given both a programing name and a text description. The following types are currently defined for VisX lists:

  Function       Code  Program Name 

   Image Frames

Image Frame      0x1a  VX_FRAME
End Frame        0x2a  VX_EFRAME

Compact List     0x08  VX_COMP
2-D vector       0x33  VX_V2D
3-D vector       0x43  VX_V3D
Inverted Y       0x39  VX_INVY
Bounding Box     0x53  VX_BBX

  Coordinate Transform matrix
Coord Trans      0x83  VX_TRANMX
Render option    0x6a  VX_REND

  Color Vector r,g,b (float)
Color Triple     0x63  VX_COLOR

  Color Map r,g,b (byte)
Color Map        0x61  VX_CMAP
Object ID.       0x5a  VX_ID
Color Index      0x67  VX_CIDX
Feature Vec.     0x73  VX_GFV

  File Elements

File History     0x20  VX_FHIST
File Name        0x30  VX_FNAME
File Machine     0x50  VX_FMACH
File Command     0x40  VX_FCMND
File Date        0x4a  VX_FTIME
File User ID     0x3a  VX_FUID

  VisX Pixel types

Pixels (byte)    0xa1  VX_PBYTE
Pixels (short)   0xa2  VX_PSHORT
Pixels (float)   0xa3  VX_PFLOAT
Pixels (Double)  0xa4  VX_PDOUBLE
Pixels (S-byte)  0xa5  VX_PCHAR
Pixels (Bit)     0xa6  VX_PBIT
Pixels (Int)     0xa7  VX_PINT
Pixels (Index)   0xb1  VX_PIDX
Pixel Channels   0xaa  VX_PCHAN

  VisX Generic Measures

Generic(text)    0xc1  VX_GTEXT
Generic(byte)    0xc1  VX_GBYTE
Generic(short)   0xc2  VX_GSHORT
Generic(float)   0xc3  VX_GFLOAT
Generic(Double)  0xc4  VX_GDOUBLE
Generic(S-byte)  0xc5  VX_GCHAR
Generic(Bit)     0xc6  VX_GBIT
Generic(Int)     0xc7  VX_GINT
Generic(Scalar)  0xca  VX_GSINT

Not Defined      0x00  VX_NULLT