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The first set of commands allows subregions of images to selectedr. The second set permits global image size tranformations.

Command Function: Image selection and construction
vcp Make a copy of a VisionX file
vcat Concatenate a set of VisionX files
(for construction of 3D images and image sequences)
vxfile Append a VisionX file to the end of a VisionX file
(like vcat but appends to an existing file)
vdim Convert between different multidimensional formats
vtile Paste an image sequence into a single image
(useful for presentations of 3D images and image sequences)
vclip Clip a consecutive subregion of a VisionX file
(except channels which can be extracted by vchan below)
vclipx Clip an image subregion using aonther image as the clipping template
v3roi Select a 3D region of interest(ROI). This is a more user convenient form of vclip specifically for ROI selection
vchan manipulate multi-channel images: select channels, construct a multi-channel image, complex number transformations
vflip Flip or transpose an image about an axis
vfix Change the image format (pixel type) of a VisionX image file
vifx Scale image data and convert to byte or float format
v3pad Perform three-dimensional zero-padding
Command Function: Image Modification
vimag Image size change (2D or 3D), reference implementation
viscale Image size change magnification (2D or 3D), reference implementation
vmag Magnifies, changes the size of a VisionX image (2D)
vzmag Magnifies, changes the Z size of a VisionX image (D3)
vpix Primitive operations on the pixels of a VisionX image
vmath Primitive mathematical functions on pixels
vop Perform an operation between two images or image sequences
vembed Like vop but for different size images, includes a merge operation
v3rbody Three-dimensional Rigid-Body Transformation
v3mip Performs interpolation, transformation to different views and projections of input 3D image