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The following tools allow for the presentation of annotated images and grpahics from image analysis results. For presentation images for applications like the web and powerpoint several differnt image formats are available; in general the .png image frormat is most common.

Command Function: Graphics Commands Tutorial
vrdiff Region Visualization web 6-up pdf 2-up pdf
vplot   vfig Graph Plotting web 6-up pdf 2-up pdf
vlmap Label Map Management web 6-up pdf 2-up pdf
vtplot Graphical plotting utility using R
vrhist Histogram plotting utility using R
Command Function: Image Annotation  
v3view create 3D visualizations of binary and labeled image regions
Command Function: Image Presentation Utilities  
vdraw Add marks and text to an image
vmpix show mulitple boundaries on a single image
vdrawsph Add annotation sphere marks to a 3D image