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Image generation is frequently required for testing new programs or creating kernels for filter commands such as vsf.

vgenim is a general purpose utility for generating synthetic images with simple patterns. vgeng generates 2D gaussian functions, and vgen3d generates a variety of geometric 3D image forms.

Small 2D images (suitable for kernels) may be entered as text files and converted to VisionX format using vrawtovx. For simple images, the -t option will convert a 2D matrix of numbers in text format; each line in the text file should contain the same number pixels. More complex formats can be achieved with the -a option and other command line specifications.

One-dimensional vectors stored in text files can be converted to VisionX file format by using vpr with either the -ii or -if option. The resulting file will contain a single (generic) vector.

Small VisionX files can be converted to text format using vpr with the -n option. The edited file can be converted back to VisionX format by using vpr with the -i option specified. This mechanism can be used to edit any VisionX file; however, the syntax is very strict. For example, the number of elements in each item must be correctly given in the type tag field; furthermore, each tag type is must be exactly specified. It is recommended that this mechanism be used for only simple edits to a file; e.g., deleting whole elements or changing the numeric values of elements.