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The main commands for image segmentation and extracting feature information from image data are given below. Feature extraction commands are grouped according to the data type are listed below:

Command Function: Image Segmentation
vpix th= Explicit image thresholding (2D or 3D)
vthresh Automated image thresholding using Otsu's algortihm (2D)
v2connect 2D connected component analysis
v3connect 3D connected component analysis
vwshed Watershed segmenation algorithm (2D or 3D)
vgcut Graph-cut image segmenation (2D or 3D)
Command Function: 2D image feature extraction
vconnect - compute connected segment descriptors
vtrace - trace the boundaries of image segments
Command Function: 3D image feature extraction
v3connect - 3D connected component analysis
v3sc 3D component selection (2D or 3D)
v3ps Compute statistics of a 3D VisionX image file
vdim -c Convert to image sequence format
for image sequence analysis commands
Command Function: Image sequence feature extraction
vtrack Compute the trajectory of image features in an image set
v3vec Converts a 3D binary line image to 3D vectors
vdim -f Convert to 3D image format
for 3D image analysis commands