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Visionx supports both image based and vector or graphical data formats. The coordinate systems but both data types are compatible. For two-dimensional structures the lowest index values (typically 0,0) are located in the lower left corner (the conventional graphics location). The third dimension of the vector representation may be matched to either the third dimension of a 3D image or to the frames in a sequence of 2-D images.

VisionX supports a number of different vector (and polygon) formats including: 1-D vectors, 2-D vectors and 3-D vectors. Polygons are defined by vectors that have the same start and end points. In summary, vectors may have 1, 2 or 3 dimensions. Polygons are special cases of 2D and 3D vectors. The following table lists some useful commands:

Command Function (Image to Vector)
vtrace Trace the 2D boundaries of all connected regions in an image
v3pol Convert 3D binary image surfaces to 3D polygons
v3vec Convert 3D binary image lines to 3D vectors
Command Function (Vector to Vector)
vgtovec Extract generic vectors from multi-type files
vec3to2 - Extract 2D and 1D vectors from 3D vectors
vptov - points to vector conversion
useful for collecting data from different "runs" into a vector for graphing
vvmin Remove unneeded points from 2D polygons
vtrans Homogeneous coordinate transformation of 3D vectors
vbbox - Add or change the bounding box
vscale Scale the dimensions of a 2D vector file
v3pfilt Smooth filter 3D polygon surfaces
vrce 3D curvature estimation for 3D polygons
Command Function (Vector to Image)
vrend render color index images from 3D polygons
vrender render images (various formats) from 3D polygons
v3d Render images from 3D polygons and images (interactive)
vplot Use gnuplot to generate annotated graphs 2D and 3D data
vdraw Render text and some 2D shapes into an image
Command Function (misc)
vcidx Add color index values to 3-D vector
v3pmask Select 3D vectors with a binary image mask
v3ce Curvature estimated for 3D polygon surface representations
vsurf Compute the surface area (perimeter) for 3D (2D)
vps -v3d Count the number of 3D vectors in a file
vvplot Compute gnuplot files from 1D, 2D, and 3D vectors --used by vplot but has more options when used directly