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Image Data Management

The main interactive application for image data management is called vview. Tabs can be created for functions including: listing of files, displaying of images, showing image properties, and viewing text files and documentation. Access is also available to some image processing tools.

Image Display

The main image display programs for X11 system (UNIX, Linux and Mac) are called vdview and xvx and they are typically accessed through vview. vdview is the main interactive image review program. In addition to emage display manipulation and windowing it facilitates in-plane measurements and annotations, and also handles true color images. To ontain screen captures of a vdiview display you can save an annotation and use vbview to create an annotated image (using the same display settings as vdview. Tthe command vrdiff may be used to visualize and compare region annotationas (either created by manual marking with vdview or from a binary image)

On windows the xvx program is called wvx which currently has fewer options than xvx. These programs permit the interactive display of many pixel formats, image sequences and 3D images. The image display for xvx is restricted to 256 grey levels/colors.

3D Graphics Display

v3d is the interactive application to view 3D vector and polygon data files. It will also display 3D image data integrated with the graphics data. As with xvx, different color look-up-tables can be used but the displayed image is limited to 256 colors. vrend is a non interactive version of v3d that permits images to be rendered with a known scale which is important for matching to original images. In this case vtrans may be used to obtain the correct viewing direction for rendering. vrender also renders graphics files, it permits other image data types for example true color and floating point range images.

Graph Display

vplot is an interface to gnuplot for convenient graphing of image or vector data For images, features such as the histogram may be displayed or a small image region may be presented as a 2D graphical plot.


In summary, xvx and vdview are the main applications for image display, v3d is the application for 3D graphical display and vplot is the application for graphs. The interactive image manager vview provides a convenient mechanism for general purpose, interactive, image display and makes use of the other three main applications where appropriate.

There are some additional image display options. vistk is a simple application that will find a way to display an image in a 512x512 window using a similar algorithm to vdm. vij is an java image viewing tool based on NIH's image J.