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VisonX files employ a tagged architecture and may involve a very large large number of different elements. The vls command performs a similar function to the UNIX ls command but provides much more information about a VisionX file vps can provide statistical information about the contents of a file and, as a last resort vpr will print the contents of any file. The number of images in a file can be determined with the vps -t command.

The following table lists some useful commands:

Command Function
vls <file> print the command line of the file
vls -l <file> print the header information of the file
vps -t <file> print the number of each element type
vls -h <file> print the file history
vhedit -l <file> edit the file history
vpr <file> | more print the contents of the file
vppr <file> print the contents of a small image file
vps <file> print descriptive statistics of a VisionX image file
vdiff <file> <file2> | more compare two VisionX files