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PhD Projects

The main focus of the VIA research group is on the research into quantitative methods for image analysis. This work is in collaboration with physicians and biologists and is directed at finding solutions to practical problems with the goal of having a major impact on medical practice and biological science.

Graduate students in the VIA a group typically take the first year learning the tools of image analysis and conducting an initial research project leading to a publication. Course work usually has a focus on the areas of signal processing, computer vision, and artificial intelligence including machine learning. Subsequently, students identify a research topic that they will pursue and publish journal papers that make an original contribution for their PhD thesis.

Most projects are linked to a specific image analysis problem area and collaboration with other domain expert research groups such as physicians at the Cornell Weill Medical College is essential.

In general, there are several openings in the VIA group each year for new PhD students. Candidates should apply through the regular Cornell admissions procedure and email that this has been done. There are also occasional openings for post-doctoral positions; these depend upon funding availability. For a more personal perspective on being a PhD in the VIA group click here .