SIMBA: Web-based Image Management and Analysis System

The SIMBA Image Management and Analysis System provides an interactive web-based facility to meet the needs of research projects that involve image data. The main needs for such projects includes: image transfer and archiving, image documentation, case-based image management, image analysis, data from management, and project outcome analysis. This system has been used to support a diverse set of research projects involving image data. SIMBA has two major configurations (a) a general purpose image analysis system to support image-based research projects and (b), from a collaboration with the Early Lung Cancer Action Program (ELCAP) of Weill Cornell Medical College, a system for managing multi-center clinical studies.

SIMBA has been used to document large image datasets (see the SIMBA Database ) and is being used to support the I-ELCAP research studies on lung cancer.

VisionX: Computer Vision and Image Processing System

VisionX is an extensive flexible software system for image processing and computer vision. It has been used in research projects for a wide range of applications including: multispectral image analysis, 3D object recognition, multiframe image analysis, object tracking, neural networks, biological cell analysis, and 3D CT computer aided diagnosis. VisionX is the image manipulation and analysis that provides that backend support to SIMBA. More Information on VisionX.