Welcome to the VOLCAMAN'10 study (VOLume Change Analysis by MANual marking) website. The goal of this study is to learn about the variability of change measurment in manually determined volumetric assessment of pulmonary nodules in CT scans. A common CT dataset and performance evaluation method will be used. Following this competition, the images used will be included in the Public Lung Database To Address Drug Response. This dataset consists of pairs of lung CT scans containing 24 lesions.

This study is now closed

Participation Requirements

  1. Any experienced physician, either from academia or industry, may participate in the study.
  2. You will need to have access to an internet connected computer with a web browser. The computer display should have a resolution of 1200 x 800 or larger; however, it is possible to do this study on a screen size of 1024 by 768. The color quality of the display setting should be the Highest (24 bit or 32 bit or larger depending upon the display type).
  3. The following web browsers have been tested: Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome 3.0, and Safari 4. It should also work on many other modern internet browsers.
  4. You must complete each of the three stages in this study: registration, training, and the marking study itself. Each of these stages must be completed in turn and are accessed from the labeled tabs at the top of this page.