Programming tutorials, templates and examples Introduction

The primary resource for initial programming with the VisionX V4 system

The V4 Simple programming interface provides a convenient programming environment to facilitate the development of basic VisionX V4 programs. This convenience is highly recommended for new system users but comes with some cost of programming restrictions and loss of functionality.

Simple image access tutorial Vfstruct pdf 1-concept 2D-example 3D-example buffer-example color-example
Command line parsing VXparse pdf
Vfstruct,V3fstruct, structures for V4 images web
2D image tools: Vfnew,Vfembed,Vfread,Vfwrite web
3D image tools: V3fnew,V3fembed,V3fread,V3fwrite web
Python Programming Development System web
Matlab Programming Development System (Beta) web

Example Simple Format (Vfstruct) Programs

The following program examples are designed to be downloaded as templates for new programs.

Example C Programs
Basic 2D Image Example v2mean v2mean.c v2mean.c.txt
Basic 3D Image Example v3mean v3mean.c v3mean.c.txt
Basic Temporal Image Buffer Example vbmean vbmean.c vbmean.c.txt
Basic Multi-Channel Image Example vcmean vcmean.c vcmean.c.txt
Basic Feature Extraction to CSV file vftemp vftemp.c vftemp.c.txt
Polymorphic Feature to CSV file vptemp vptemp.c vptemp.c.txt
Example Image Generation Program vgtemp vgtemp.c vgtemp.c.txt
Very Minimal V4 program example vtempm vtempm.c vtempm.c.txt

VisionX C programs are implement basic function that typically combined with script programs to implement more complex applications. Below are some templates for different scripting languages

Example Scripts
Example with V4 command line parsing (python)
Example with V4 command line parsing (sh)
Example with V4 command line parsing (tcl) vt.tcl vdt.tcl.txt
Example with V4 command line parsing (matlab) vtm   vtm.txt
Examples with positional line parsing (tcl, sh, python) vs.txt
Simple loops in csh,tcsh loop.csh loop.csh.txt
Simple loops in sh,bash
General template for tcl scripts vtmp.tcl vtmp.tcl.txt

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