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ELCAP - SIMBA Chest Health Analysis System Public Lung Image Database

VIA Group

Access Database

Welcome to the VIA/I-ELCAP SIMBA Public Access Database.

This Database provides a demonstration of the SIMBA framework for image documentation for chest health. In addition to the ELCAP database, described below, it provides access to the image segmentations outcomes and custom visualizations designed for the SIMBA framework for very large image dataset documentation. The automated image documentation for this database is discussed in:

A. P. Reeves, Y. Xie, and S. Liu, "Large-scale image region documentation for fully automated image biomarker algorithm development and evaluation," Journal of Medical Imaging,4(2): 024505, Jun. 2017. [HTML] [Pubmed]

Please refer to this paper when using information from this database.

This image database was made possible by a collaboration between the ELCAP and VIA research groups. It was created to make available a common dataset that may be used for the performance evaluation of different computer aided detection systems. This database was first released in December 2003 and is a prototype for web-based image data archives. The SIAN version of this database contains image segmentation analysis

Database Contents:
The database currently consists of an image set of 50 low-dose documented whole-lung CT scans for detection. The CT scans were obtained in a single breath hold with a 1.25 mm slice thickness. The locations of nodules detected by the radiologist are also provided.

The website provides a set of interactive image viewing tools for both the CT images and their annotations and their analysis. All images and their annotations may be downloaded from the website.

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