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Anthony P. Reeves
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Tuesday, and Thursday
10:10 - 11:25 pm
4 Credits
Phillips Hall Room 403


This course will not be offered in 2018

Last Update 05-15-17

  1. Review Exercise 2 Grade Distribution. Max possible score 66.
  2. The class presentations were all great! Please have any project report additions in by the deadline.
  3. 3D visualizations and animations (animated GIFs), e.g. v3view, may not work correctly on the VM due to the interaction of VTK the render engine with the local host graphics system. Visualizations should work reliably on the workstations and on ecelinux-10.


This course is open to students with either a biology, computer science, or engineering background. There are no explicit prerequisites for the course; the appropriate background will be discussed at the first class meeting. The course will provide the necessary background on the imaging modalities, the medical issues, and the computer algorithms for image analysis. Having taken either ECE 5470 or the three credit version of BME 6180 would be a very good preparation for this course.

This course is intended to meet the needs of both engineers interested in the life sciences and life scientists that are interested in gaining experience in quantitative image analysis methods. Class participation and project research is important.