The mission of the VOLume Change Analysis of NOdules program (VOLCANO) is to advance the state-of-the art in quantitative lesion change evaluation from image data with an initial focus on pulmonary nodules in CT scans. There are currently two VOLCANO studies:


The VOLCANO'09 challenge is a part of the Second International Workshop on Pulmonary Image Analysis held in conjunction with MICCAI 2009. The goal of this study is to compare the outcomes of various algorithms measuring the change in volume of pulmonary nodules from CT scans using a common dataset and performance evaluation method.

This study is now closed


The goal of this study is to learn about the variability of change measurement in manually determined volumetric assessment of pulmonary nodules in CT scans. A common CT dataset and performance evaluation method will be used. Following this competition, the images used will be included in the Public Lung Database To Address Drug Response. This dataset consists of pairs of lung CT scans containing 24 lesions.

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Future efforts in VOLCANO will be to provide a public set of reference image datasets with extensive documentation. These data sets may be used to benchmark the performance of new image analysis methods and VOCLANO will also provide a standardized comparative analysis to other methods. Updates to these benchmarks and their documentation are planned as technology evolves and as the knowledge in the important clinically relevant spectrum of representative images is advanced.